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Special Needs Sunday School class now available!

Do you have a child with special needs that is unable to attend a regular Sunday School class? We now have a class available during 2nd service from 10:30-11:45. Kate Dobson is the teacher and would like to know ahead of time if you have a child that you would like to attend so she can understand your child’s special need. You can contact Kate at or (760) 207-9808.

Baptism Class
For those who wish to be baptised by water immersion, we will be conducting a class on Baptism on Tuesday, February 3, in room 10 at 7:00PM. You MUST attend this class to be baptised on Sunday, February 15th. You may sign up in 3 ways: by filling out the form here on our Web site, by filling out the form on our APP (look for the “Baptism Sign-Up” icon in the lower right-hand corner), or by indicating your interest with a connect card on Sunday and depositing it in one of the green boxes.

Donations Needed
We are in need of 25-30 large, sturdy boxes (approx. 20″x 20″x 20″) to ship Action Packs this month to Syrian Christians in refugee camps. We also need hats and bar soap wrapped in paper (or removed from boxes and in plastic bags) to fill the packs. Please place donated items in the VOM basket in the foyer. If you have boxes, please contact Beth Prinz at: or 760.788.8991 to arrange for the boxes- please don’t leave boxes in the foyer.

VOM Action Packs
(adult/child and male/female NO LOGOS OR WORDS)

You may place your donations in the special VOM basket located in the foyer any time during the week or on Sundays. Contact Beth Prinz at 760.788.8991 for more information.